It is a project i made for the December ” almost an island” exhibition. We were gave a poem Drunken Boat and asked to response. However, in the beginning, I did not feel like I really got involve, so i decided to make a in- boxing etching print to express my negative attitude.

As we can see from the picture, there are extracts of e-mails which printmakers using to communicate for organizing the December show on my print, however, I use in -boxing to make the words become hard to read. So that, audiences can feel there is a article but none has enough patience to read. And, that is exactly my attitude toward to hold an exhibition.


According to my peers, this is an interesting idea, as it represent my thought honestly. And I think making audiences’ reaction become one part of my work can increase the communication between artist and audience, help people to have more chance to understand me by the prints.



However, all of us agree this is interesting, but not a strong image, people gave me different suggestions, some like mix screen-print and etching, means add more professional technique; some like using different subject instead of six plums.

It is right, not strong enough, so next step try to rearrange the composition. I want to make it related to typographic and graphic design. So I read some books, Hope can make something more professional, not only for fun. But, sure, fun in daily life is very important to me.


Yesterday, i went to Candem Art Centre, a little bit disappointed. As in my mind, Candem Art centre might have something related to Candem Town, also full of strangers… but, in fact, that just is a quite small and quite gallery. Nothing like what i was expecting. I made two mistakes, first, forgot to bring my camera, that means i could record the thing attract me; second, i should check the information about the visiting group online before decided which team, so that can increase the proportion of finding the group i would really enjoy.

Now, add some background about this art centre, all information come from Candem Art Centre website( ).


Built in 1897, originally a library, the grade II listed building became an arts centre in the 1960s. Following a reburbishment by Tony Fretton Architects, Camden Arts Centre re-opened to the public in 2004. The beautiful and sensitively designed building combines the original victorian gothic features with a contemporary urban design to enhance space and light. The new galleries attract artists of the highest calibre, able to display a broad range of work including installation, film and video, light sensitive drawings and sculpture. (As i can see by the visiting group, the ground floor is cafe and bookshop, tutor said we can oder the books in the gallery bookshop by UAl’s library.i think this centre fours on education, because there are many children’s book, library, and also allowed taking photos under some certain conditions. first floor has two exhibitions at the moment ) 

current exhibition:

Wallace Berman


(picture comes from Camden Art Centre website)

26 September – 23 November 2008

This is the first retrospective exhibition of American artist Wallace Berman (1926 – 1976), considered by many to be the ‘father’ of Californian assemblage. He was hugely influential on a group of artists and poets to emerge from the legacy of the Beat generation in the late 1950s and 1960s. 
It includes early drawings for Jazz record covers; his mail-art publication Semina containing poetry and images by Berman and his friends; his signature Verifax collage work as well as paintings such as ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’ and his ‘Portrait of Kenneth Anger’. 
Look out for Berman’s only surviving sculpture, ‘Homage to Herman Hesse’ – it was made for his first exhibition which was prematurely closed by police. Shown alongside are his fragile rock boxes and photographs he took throughout his life. His 16mm film ‘Aleph’  is screened as well as posters, book covers and postcards. 
Berman’s influence is far reaching, Peter Blake included his portrait on the cover of The Beatles’ ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and he appeared, with a punning reference to his publication Semina, as a seed-sower in the film ‘Easy Rider’. 
Supported by Neville and Emma Shulman.
(this exhibition has something related to printmaking, like lithographic. the thing impressed me is the works presented by postcard. )
Allen ruppersberg

(picture comes from Camden Art Centre website)

26 September – 23 November 2008
Allen Ruppersberg’s first solo show in a public gallery in London is based on ‘Literatura de cordels’ – pamphlets produced by travelling poets and writers in Brazil.

‘Literatura de cordels’ roughly translates as ‘Stories on a string’, these simply made booklets contain folk stories, poems and songs and are illustrated with wood cuts. 

It coincides with the exhibition by Wallace Berman (1926 – 1976), who was a huge influence on Ruppersberg as well as other artists and poets emerging from the legacy of the Beat generation in the 1960s. 
For this exhibition Ruppersberg has produced his own versions of ‘Literatura de cordels’. These pamphlets are hung from the ceiling over a red, black and white floor piece – ‘Reading Standing Up’ (2004). The text in the floor is made up of oppositions – us/them, left/right, text/margin, Italy/France, compelling you to read aloud and form your own rhythm and sounds.Ruppersberg  transforms Gallery 3 into a room for reading, recalling Camden Art Centre’s former life as a library. 

Throughout his life he has collected thousands of books, postcards, photographs, magazines, slides, posters, as well as industrial and educational films from 1931-1967. Ruppersberg uses these items as source material reflecting his interest in the cultural mythologies, narratives, and common truths of everyday life. 

(the form artist used is interesting, hanging art work in air, so that can give another way to reader or visitor to read the images, the special thing is, in this hall, it allowed us taking photos and touch it… )

Today, i wasted almost all day to make myself clam down, thanks to komomo, i feel better now. But, i also found i am always controlled by my feeling and emotion, well, maybe having rich sentiment is good for an ‘artist’, however, please not too much…

i still went to Hampstead, but, its too late, sunset is 4 pm everyday, so the sun is hiding after 2 o’clock, and it was light raining, so, i am not really shooting good images. shame…


small details make the world becomes different, so it deserve to put an eye on small things.

even in the same place, always can find new aspect.


sometimes, reflect the scene truly is important to photographic, i think it is easy to understand why.

and sometimes, i would like to chose some tiny subjects and take it from an unusual angle. in this situation, it could help to discover things which appear daily life everyday but not noticed by people.     


by the way, talk a little bit about the camera, it is borrowed from Camberwell College of Art, the model is Canon EOS 350D digital SLR. It is my first time using SLR camera, i just try all the button to see what would happen. Later, i will check online to find out the technique of SLR.  and i think i also need to look at some photos took by other photographer, to break the frame.