Hampstead is covered by a large number wood and village, i try to find a place to set up my works. However, even i have been to this area four times, still easily get lose. 

The following information came from wiki websit(

Hampstead is an area of LondonEngland, located 4 miles (6.4 km) north-west of Charing Cross. It is part of the London Borough of Camden. It is situated within Inner London. It is known for its intellectual, artistic, musical and literary associations and for the large and hilly parkland Hampstead Heath. It is also home to some of the most expensive housing in the London area, or indeed anywhere in the world, with large houses regularly listed for sale at over twenty million pounds sterling (about US$40 million in 2008). The village of Hampstead has more millionaires within its boundaries than any other area of Britain[1].

Saturday i entered into the green by another entrance, there are more people and usually waking their dogs. it looks more like a park, lake, grass, wild bird and fishing and running people. Could see a landscape view from the small hill.


 but, the weekend london transportation confused me a lot, it took me 4 hours to go back to lcc……and its so cold…..




we  found this park accidentally, and i like it so much, so thinking maybe i could make something related to  this park.

this time, shooting the photos in a rush, i have to go the place one more time, and try to use different cameras to take photos. keeping the body warm and sunny day are key points in this case.secret-garden-01