Today MUJI, a Japanese band has over 7,000 product items, including household products, clothing, stationeries , all of them emphasizing the brand’s concepts such as the ability to be recycled, extremely simple exterior and minimal wastage. (Narain, 2007, p.9)


photo: Narain,S. MUJI. cover

 This book talks about the story and concept of MUJI and its products. The initial purpose of this brand is against fashion and “brand free”, however, none can deny, it have become the most famous brand and leading fashion since 1990s. For me, its simplicity attract me a lot, especial the 2d advertisements are always nature, clean and get the point.


photo: Narain,S. MUJI. p.197

As we can see from the above images, using hazy household showroom as background, ‘simply’ set the main product in the centre. Following the tile( home) and the brand’s name. Not only easily make people understand the idea, MUJI devoted to help costumes to built their home and set up a living style, but also is warming and friendly graphic design.     


photo: Narain,S. MUJI. p.197

Narain, S. (ed.)(2007) Brands A To Z: MUJI. London: Southbank Publishing