It is a project i made for the December ” almost an island” exhibition. We were gave a poem Drunken Boat and asked to response. However, in the beginning, I did not feel like I really got involve, so i decided to make a in- boxing etching print to express my negative attitude.

As we can see from the picture, there are extracts of e-mails which printmakers using to communicate for organizing the December show on my print, however, I use in -boxing to make the words become hard to read. So that, audiences can feel there is a article but none has enough patience to read. And, that is exactly my attitude toward to hold an exhibition.


According to my peers, this is an interesting idea, as it represent my thought honestly. And I think making audiences’ reaction become one part of my work can increase the communication between artist and audience, help people to have more chance to understand me by the prints.



However, all of us agree this is interesting, but not a strong image, people gave me different suggestions, some like mix screen-print and etching, means add more professional technique; some like using different subject instead of six plums.

It is right, not strong enough, so next step try to rearrange the composition. I want to make it related to typographic and graphic design. So I read some books, Hope can make something more professional, not only for fun. But, sure, fun in daily life is very important to me.